How many work hours are required per season?

Gardeners are required to complete 6 hours of work on community areas PER PLOT. Gardeners with second plots would have to complete 12 hours of service for the season.

How do I get my required 6 hours of work done?

You can complete your work days in 1 of 3 ways: 

  1. Attend three 2-hour work days; 
  2. Participate on the mowing team; or 
  3. Participate on the grapevine/hops team.

There may be more opportunities to get hours as the season continues. Please email us for more info or to sign up for the mowing or grapevine teams.

How do I sign up for work days?

Instructions are on the Work Days page.

How can I check how many hours I’ve completed or what work days I’ve signed up for?

Instructions are on the Work Days page.

What happens if I can’t attend a work day that I’ve signed up for?

Please email the WPCG email address if you can’t make your work day.

How do the work days work?

Work days are held either on Saturdays (10 am – 12 pm) or Tuesday (6 – 8 pm). You can check the schedule on the WPCG website.

Please show up promptly at the start time and be prepared to work the full 2 hours. Bring work gloves and sunscreen. There will be a garden lead/officer present at the work day to distribute work tasks.

If you can, please consider taking a yard waste bag or two with you when you leave.

What kinds of activities will we do during the work days?

Tasks vary based on the time of the season. It can be weeding community plots, weed whacking, seeding pathways, organizing the sheds, and putting up fencing. Later in the season, tasks may include picking produce and cleaning up for the winter.

Can I drop into work days?

Yes! Make sure a work day lead records your plot number and the hours you worked. If no lead is there, email your plot number, hours, and what you worked on to the garden email (

What happens if it rains?

If it rains prior to the start of the work day, but it is still slippery outside, the work day will be cancelled (no work hour credit). Leads will communicate this to gardeners via email or text if the work day is cancelled.

If it rains DURING the work day, gardeners who show up will receive 2 hours of credit.

What happens if there isn’t two hours of work to do?

If the work day is dismissed early, gardeners who show up will still receive 2 hours of credit.