Compost Recipe (Black Gold)

Carbon to Nitrogen ratio:  30:1  (2 browns to every green)

  • CARBON:  stems, leaves, peels, wood, bark dust, shredded brown paper bags, corn stalks, coffee
  • NITROGEN:  green plant material

Put your BLACK GOLD ingredients into the Add New Plant Materials bin, chop them and stir them in. This bin will not be harvested this year. Inoculate with compost from the Closed to New Plant Material bin, and water. The compost should feel like a wet sponge.

Feed the weeds to the BAD Weed Pile when needed and chop. This pile needs to become very hot during the summer months.

Put NO plastic, NO tomato plants, NO creeping Charlie, NO quack grass, NO thistle, NO diseased plants, NO weed seeds into the compost bins.  Carry plastic markers and pots out to your own trash can or recycling bin.

Carry out diseased and tomato plants to your own trash or yard waste.