The WPCG Web Site is a repository for news, information and policy regarding the garden.


Any WPCG member can request access to the site to contribute or edit content. In order to request access.

  • The member must email the website lead requesting access and providing an email address
  • The member will create a username and password for the site
  • The website lead will assign access permissions based on the role of the member requesting access

Inactive accounts

After garden membership plot assignment (at the Spring meeting), the President will email the website lead with the names of non-returning members. The website lead will remove those accounts.

Technical overview

The WPCG website is hosted on Dreamhost. Dreamhost provides non-profit organizations with free webhosting. The only thing the WPCG is required to pay is the registration fee for the domain, though that has been waived in recent years as well. The registration is also managed by Dreamhost.

The site uses the WordPress framework. This framework allows for a lot of functionality and customizability without technical complexity.

Role of the website lead

The website lead is in charge of all the technical aspects regarding the website. This involves:

  • Applying updates to the WordPress platform and installed plugins.
  • Managing users (account add/deletes, assigning user access permissions)
  • Advising the Officers on how best to implement the technical aspects of the web site in order to achieve the goals of the garden.
  • Training new members on how to user the site and the platform.
  • Maintain and troubleshoot the WPCG Google accounts as needed.

When a website lead leaves

The outgoing website lead will need to submit the password for the WP administrative account and also the Dreamhost account to the President. The incoming website lead should change both of these passwords.