Hello all,

I know that we are all still reeling from the murder of George Floyd and are looking for ways that we can support the Black community, our community, and our city.  We are a community of love, support, inclusion, and acceptance. 

Racism, prejudice, and inaction have no place here. Supporting this movement can take many forms, including protesting, volunteering, donating, and most importantly, actively speaking out against racial injustice. 

I am going to include links below to many important organizations who need our help and support, not just now, but ongoing. Please consider supporting our local businesses and organizations if you are able.

This article has a great list of both local and national organizations: https://nymag.com/strategist/article/where-to-donate-for-black-lives-matter.html

Includes organizations for:

  1. Victim memorial funds
  2. Bail funds for peaceful protestors
  3. Frontline funds
  4. Community restoration organizations and funds
  5. Community enrichment organizations
  6. Youth-oriented community organizations
  7. Policy reform organizations
  8. Police reform organizations
  9. Incarceration reform organizations
  10. Legal defense funds and organizations
  11. Black LGBTQ funds and organizations
  12. Mental Health

Additional resources that you may like to support

  1. Venmo directly to George Floyd’s fiancée Courteney (email me for her Venmo information)
  2. The Black Women’s Health Imperative: www.bhwi.org 
  3. The National Black Women’s Justice Institute: www.nbwji.org 
  4. HBCU College Fund: www.hbcufoundation.org 
  5. Rebuilding local business: West Broadway Business and Area Coalition: www.westbroadway.org and We Love Lake Street: www.welovelakestreet.com 

Black-owned local businesses

  1. Bella Nava Creations (Shakopee):  www.bellanavacreations.com 
  2. Selam Coffee (Minneapolis)
  3. Young Man (Minneapolis) www.youngmanmsp.com

Instagram feeds to follow

  1. Check Your Privilege (@ckyourprivilege)
  2. Black Lives Matter (@blklivesmatter)
  3. Shifting the Culture (@shiftingtheculture)
  4. Ava DuVernay  (@ava)